Lockheed YMC-130H "Hercules" "Credible Sport" The C-130 Hercules primarily performs the intratheater portion of the airlift mission.  The aircraft is capable of operating from rough, dirt strips and is the prime transport for paradropping troops and equipment into hostile areas.  Basic and specialized versions perform a diversity of roles, including airlift support, DEW Line and Arctic ice resupply, aeromedical missions, aerial spray missions, fire-fighting duties for the US Forest Service, and disaster relief missions.

Warner Robins Air Logistics Center provides worldwide support to all C-130s in the USAF fleet and to many foreign nations flying the Hercules as well.  The aircraft on display was delivered to the USAF in June 1976.  In 1981 it was one of three C-130H aircraft that were specially modified for use in a possible rescue attempt of the Americans held hostage in Iran in 1981.  Code named “Credible Sport,” the stock C-130H aircraft had highly modified flight control, flap system and airframe components allowed the installation of various rocket systems for short take off and landing (STOL) capabilities unique to the rescue operation.  Although never actually used, one of the aircraft was destroyed during testing, the second was demodified and returned to service, and the third, this one on display, was retired to the Museum in 1987.


Span 132 feet 7 inches
Length 97 feet 9 inches
Height 38 feet 10 inches
Weight 155,000 lbs max
Armament None
Engine Four Allison T-56-A-15 turboprops of 4,591 prop shaft hp ea
Serial Number 74-1686
Maximum speed 366 mph
Cruising speed 335 mph
Range 1,200 miles with 36,500 lbs payload
Service ceiling 23,000 feet



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