Republic F-105G "Thunderchief" The F-105 evolved from a project that began in 1951 by Republic Aviation to develop a supersonic tactical fighter-bomber to replace the F-84F.  The prototype first flew on 22 October 1955, but the first production aircraft, the F-105B, was not delivered to the USAF until 1958.  The F-105D all-weather strike fighter and the two-place F-105F dual-purpose trainer-fighter also were built before the F-105 production (of 833 aircraft) ended in 1964.  During the Vietnam War a large number of the F-105Fs were converted to the enemy radar jamming F-105G aircraft and specialized in destroying surface-to-air missile sites.  These F-105Gs with their unique missions were called "Wild Weasels."

Warner Robins Air Logistics Center managed the communications, fire control, bombing and electronic warfare systems for all F-105 aircraft.  The aircraft on display was delivered to the USAF in February 1964 as a two seat F-105F.  It was later modified to the "Wild Weasel" F-105G configuration and last served with the 116th Tactical Fighter Wing (ANG) at Dobbins AFB, Georgia before its retirement in 1983 when it was flown to Robins AFB for display.


Span 34 feet 11 inches
Length 67 feet
Height 20 feet 2 inches
Weight 54,580 lbs max
Armament One M-61 20mm Vulcan cannon plus 14,000 lbs or ordinance—conventional bombs, rocket packs, missiles and special weapons
Engines One Pratt & Whitney J75 of 26,500 lbs thrust
Cost $2,237,000
Serial Number 62-4438
Maximum speed 831 mph
Cruising speed 596 mph
Range 1,500 miles
Service ceiling 50,000 feet



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