Nevermore Hills Haunted Trail

Friday and Saturday Nights in October

Dr. Rod Usher was a military scientist who secretly began cloning animal and plant DNA/traits to humans to produce a super human military. Due to his unconventional and highly questionable practices, his project was closed and classified as the “Nevermore Project”. He was dishonorably discharged and exiled along with his wife. Dr. Usher continued to practice his cloning experiments to no success on the property adjacent to the Museum. He had a few experiments that were very close to being aesthetically “human” and he favored these by keeping them in the house with him. The others he let occupy the barns located on the property. He has a rudimentary lab set up in the back yard in the barn. As well as, a holding pen for the humans he experiments on and for the finished products that were less than satisfactory or too violent to stay in the house. He has been very frustrated with his failed efforts and began experimenting on himself as well as his wife and daughter. They have never been off the property since being exiled. Some of his creatures have ventured out to the barns, some dwell outside as animals, and some still live in the house with the Dr. Usher and his wife.

The cost for the haunted trail will be $14 per person, $12 for active duty and retired military. Group rates are available for groups of 8 or more. Please email Jenny Maas at for group rates. Children ages 12 and under should be accompanied by an adult.

Nevermore Hills Haunted Trail will include a variety of scares in the woods as well as a number of haunted barns. Volunteers from the Warner Robins community have been working diligently for the last few months to prepare for this exciting new fundraiser. All funds raised through the trail will be used for operating support for both the Museum of Aviation Foundation and the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame.

Over 40 volunteers will be utilized during each night of the haunted trail. Volunteer opportunities are still open. Please email Jenny Maas at

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