Lockheed RB-69A "Neptune" In 1954 the USAF acquired seven P2V-7U patrol bombers from the Navy to be converted for use as reconnaissance aircraft.  These aircraft bore the USAF serial numbers 54-4037 through 54-4043.  Although existence of the RB-69A is acknowledged by the USAF, little is known of its mission or area of operations.

The first XP2V-1 flew on 15 May 1945 and the Navy ordered the production following a successful testing program.  So versatile was the design that the Navy ordered various configurations for different missions, and when production finally ended, over 900 had been built for worldwide use.

The aircraft on display is a Navy P2V-7 and has been repainted and marked as one of the seven transferred to the USAF for use as an RB-69A.  It was flown to Robins AFB in 1984 from Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona for display.



Span 104 feet
Length 91 feet 4 inches
Height 29 feet 4 inches
Weight 77,850 lbs max
Armament None
Engines Two 3,500 hp Wright R-3350-32W, two 3,400 hp Westinghouse J34-WE-34 jet engines located in under-wing pods
Serial Number 147954
Maximum speed 353 mph
Cruising speed 188 mph
Range 4,350 miles
Service ceiling 22,000 feet



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