The Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame is the only exclusively aviation-related organization chartered by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia. In recognition of its importance to the State, the Georgia Legislature passed House Bill 110 creating the organization, which was formally signed into law by Govenor Joe Frank Harris on 19 April 1989. The Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame is established in the Museum of Aviation at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, which is one of the fastest growing military aviation museums in the Southeastern United States.

It is the mission of the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame to promote and encourage the growth and public support of aviation within the state of Georgia by honoring aviation leaders, living and dead, whose extraordinary achievements or services have made outstanding and lasting contributions to aviation, perpetuating the memory of such persons and recording their contributions and achievements through suitable memorials.

The Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame has a new home! The Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame Exhibit is located on the 2nd floor mezzanine of the Century of Flight Hangar.

Enshrinement Banquet
Once selected, inductees are presented and honored at the Enshrinement Ceremony and Banquet. They are awarded the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame Gold Medallion of Honor and Achievement.

To date, 93 individuals have been inducted into the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame. For more information on the Hall of Fame as well as biographies of each inductee, please visit the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame webpage at



Enshrinement Eligibility
Candidates must have made outstanding and lasting contributions to the advancement of aviation or manned space flight. These contributions may include personal accomplishments as an aviator; the design and/or introduction of aircraft, spacecraft and propulsion systems; the leadership of aviation and manned space programs and significant expansions in the use of aviation and manned space flight.

Candidates must have a residency tie to the state of Georgia in one or more of the following ways: native born citizen, 4+ years residency, and/or made extraordinary contribution(s) to aviation in Georgia or while a resident of Georgia.

The candidate's contributions to aviation may have been in Georgia, nationally, worldwide or while a resident of Georgia. The candidate may be living or dead and his/her current place of residence need not be in Georgia.

Nomination and Selection Procedure
Nominations may be made by any organization, firm or individual having knowledge of the candidate's accomplishments. Substantiating documentation and appropriate contracts for further investigation and research must be provided with the nomination. Properly documentes self-nominations will be accepted. Each nomination should be accompanied by a one page synopsis of the candidate's career highlighting his/her accomplishments in aviation.

Nominations will be reviewed by the Candidate Selection Committee of the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame Board of Directors. The Candidate Selection Committee will determine that the candidate meets the nominating criteria, verify the authenticity of the accomplishment(s) and perform any additional investigation and research it may deem appropriate, and submit all nominations to the Board of Directors with appropriate recommendations for disposition. The Hall of Fame Board of Electors will then select the inductees from the group of qualified nominees. Nominations of qualified candidates who are not selected for induction will be considered for selection in the following two years.


Inquiries and Nomination
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Warner Robins, GA 31095
Phone (478) 328-0704


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