Education Programs and Field Trips at the Museum of Aviation

STEM Labs and Homeschool Workshops are now Registering!  Limited space is available, register soon!


Saturday STEM Labs 

One Saturday a Month, Sept. – Dec.
Pre K – 12th Graders

field trips

Hands-on, curriculum-based,  STEM-ulating field trips for pre k – 12th grade students are booking now!

Limited spaces are available.

The Museum of Aviation Education Center operates Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and History-focused education programs and field trips for learners ages 4 to adult under five major programs. Rigorous, goal setting experiences challenge students to solve problems. Programs are aligned to state and national education standards. Education programs and field trips highlight career opportunities and workforce development strategies and are conducted both on the school site and at the Museum of Aviation. During the FY 2016 year, 52,018 participants took part in Museum of Aviation education programs and field trips.

*For special needs programs, please contact us for alternative options.

Museum of Aviation Education Programs and Field Trips

  • National STEM Academy & Aviation Heritage Center Field Trips
  • STEM Training Academy for Teachers
  • STARBASE Robins
  • Gordon and Museum of Aviation Georgia Youth Science and Technology Center (GYSTC)

The Museum of Aviation does not offer lunch or lunch arrangements. For a list of preferred caterers, click here.

National STEM Academy & Aviation Heritage Center

Programs & Field Trips

  • Wonder Wings & ACE Field Trips
  • Mission Quest Flight Simulation Center Field Trips
  • ACE & Mission Quest Homeschool Programs
  • STEM Training Academy for Teachers Resources, Workshops, & more
  • History Field Trips & Guided Tours
  • History Outreach Programs and Field Trips
  • Scout Programs and Field Trips
  • Birthday Parties
  • STEM & History Special Events


*For special needs groups, please contact us for alternative options.

field trip at the Museum of Aviation

PreK – 5th Grade Field Trips, Homeschool, and History Programs

ACE (Ask, Challenge, Educate), Wonder Wings, History Programs, Homeschool STEM Workshop Series

The Wonder Wings program for Pre K-Kindergarten aims to encourage STEM learning at an early age with fun hands-on activities. The Wonder Wings program is specifically designed to correlate with the Bright from the Start Curriculum and the Georgia Kindergarten Performance Standards (KGPS).

The ACE STEM Field Trip Program is designed to spark students’ interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) through engaging, hands-on activities specifically correlated to the GA Standards of Excellence and the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards.

History and Guided Tour Programs and Field Trips are offered for learners ages 5-Adult. Features on-site programs at the Museum of Aviation and Outreach programs at your school site. 2 WWII programs are offered as well that specifically correlate to the 5th-grade curriculum.

mission quest flight simulation

6th – 12th Grade Field Trips, Homeschool, and History Programs

Mission Quest Flight Simulation Center, Aviation Outreach Program, Air Traffic Control Lab, Guided History Tours, & Homeschool STEM Workshop series

During the 3-hour Mission Quest Flight Simulation program, students learn aerospace, map reading, and teamwork initiatives while flying the F-15E, B-1 or C-17 flight simulators.

Students learn about the jobs of the Radar Arrival and Departure Air Traffic Controllers and Flight Data Specialists while controlling simulated aircraft during the Air Traffic Control program.

The Mission Quest Aviation Outreach is a 50-minute Aviation program at your school featuring an F-15 Eagle cockpit.

History and Guided Tour Programs are offered for learners ages 4-Adult. Features on site programs at the Museum of Aviation and Outreach programs at your school site.


Adult Programs & Field Trips

Guided Tours, Adult Team Building

Guided tours feature narrated tours of Museum of Aviation exhibits and aircraft and exhibit teacher guides on our website. Also, a specialized guided tour featuring WWII and the Tuskegee Airmen.

During the Mission Quest Team Building program participants work together in a 6-hour program to plan and fly a mission in the Mission Quest Flight Simulation Center, learning valuable team building resources and leadership skills.


Adults, Educators, & Interns

STEM Training Academy for Teachers, Altitudes Internship Program

Home to Georgia’s only NASA Regional Educator Resource Center

K – 12 and University Educators: Programs are offered to educators and future educators. These programs provide free NASA materials, monthly STEM workshops, NASA online training opportunities, STEM conferences and intern opportunities to future educators.

summer camp

STEM & History Special Events, and more

All Ages

Workshops and thematic camp programs scheduled throughout the year- Saturdays, student holidays and summer. Features programs such as GA Kid’s STEM Day, Young Astronauts’ Day, STEM Labs, and summer camps.

Annual SkyScapes Poster Contest, Bi-annual Night at the Museum, Veteran’s Day Outreach, Birthday Parties and more.

mission quest

Scout Programs & Field Trips

All Ages

The Museum of Aviation proudly offers Scout Programs for boy and girl scouts.

Museum of Aviation Birthdays

are Just Plane Fun!

Perfect venue for a child that loves airplanes!

Birthday Parties for children ages 4 – 10


Starbase Robins

5th – 8th Grade

Part of the premiere Department of Defense STARBASE STEM Program. The program engages students through its inquiry-based curriculum with its “hands-on, mind-on” experiential activities. During each student’s 25 hours of instruction, they are introduced to many STEM concepts and skills as well as 3D modeling and 3D printing. STARBASE ROBINS programs include its signature fifth grade program as well as its STARBASE 2.0 Afterschool STEM Mentoring Program, summer academies and robotics tournaments.


Gordon and Museum of Aviation Georgia Youth Science and Technology Center

K through 8th Grade Students and Educators

Georgia Youth Science and Technology Center (GYSTC): K – 8th grade students and teachers – Outreach – student outreach programs and teacher professional development at member elementary and middle school sites – Partnership of the Georgia Department of Education, business/industry leaders and local member schools – Features Family Science Nights, STARLAB portable planetarium, teacher training workshops and student workshops.

For more information contact: 478-926-6398

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Education office hours vary per program schedules.  Hours are typically Monday – Friday  8:30am – 4:30pm.