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January 2018 Featured Lesson Plan

The National STEM Academy is proud to highlight a lesson plan each month to share with teachers, parents, and students.  This month’s pick was chosen by Liz Skinner, ACE Program Coordinator & Lead Instructor, National STEM Academy.

“When teaching students about Polymers, and the properties of most  plastics at the National STEM Academy,  I love to incorporate this very effective experiment. Supplies are cheap and readily available. You will get oohs, aah’s and laughter during your demonstration. While holding the bag over an audience member, ask the questions, “why doesn’t the bag leak when I stick pencils through the zipper lock bag filled with water”?  “Why doesn’t the hole seal once you do remove the pencils”? ( Hold over a bucket not a head when you show this)!

Take the opportunity to expand the inquiry based learning by talking  about other forms of Polyethylene used in our daily lives. Grocery bags, cling wraps freezer bags. These are non-biodegradable and present environmental problems.” -Liz Skinner

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