Congratulations to the 2019 STEM Teacher(s) of the Year!


STEM Educator Workshop Series

Hands- on, Saturday workshops for in-service, pre-service and informal educators connecting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with NASA resources are offered through the RERC STEM Educator Workshop Series

Featured in August each year is the Annual GA NASA STEM Conference which highlights NASA educational programs and honors the STEM Teachers of the Year for Georgia.

For the 2019-2020 school year, there will be 3 different RERC Workshop Series that educators can sign up for.  You may attend some or all, depending on your preferences and grade levels.  Use the form below to register for each workshop, workshops are free of charge and pay stipends when available.

*Stipends are provided based on funding availability.  For every four workshops completed, educators will receive a $100 stipend.


Workshop Registration Form

Curriculum & Resources

Curriculum areas covered include: Aeronautics, Astronomy, Biology, Earth and Space Sciences, Geography, Life Sciences, Meteorology, Physical Science, Physics and more. These materials are available to educators free of charge.

Available for check out are DVD’s, CD-ROMS, and a selection of reference books, curriculum and activity guides, and STEM Educator Activity Kits.  For free duplication of these items, educators must provide blank disks.

Professional Development

The RERC staff and NASA Office of Education at Kennedy Space Center can make arrangements to conduct in-service and pre-service teacher workshops. To find out about scheduled workshops, click below or to plan a program call (478) 222-7547 for further details.

Center Hours

Open 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday and Saturday appointments are available. The RERC is located in the Space and Innovation Center at the Museum of Aviation.

“Explore and discover. Learn and teach. Build and share. It’s what NASA and teachers and parents do.”



NASA Regional Educator Resource Center

The National STEM Academy at the Museum of Aviation is home to Georgia’s only NASA Regional Educator Resource Center (RERC) which provides NASA resources and materials and the STEM Educator Workshop Series at no cost, and hosts the Annual GA NASA STEM Conference.  The NASA RERC offers professional development opportunities for in-service, pre-service and informal educators, Altitudes Internships for college students, the Georgia STEM Teachers of the Year Award, and STEM Resource Kits available for check-out.

See what teachers and educators are saying about the NASA RERC workshops!

“I have been very pleased with all of the instructors and the workshops. I have learned a lot that I have been able to immediately take back to the classroom.” -Dawn Hardy, Houston County Teacher

“The classes are awesome!” -Kimberly Barkmeyer, Teacher

“I loved the ways to break the concepts down in the classroom.” -Johnny Moore, Bibb County Teacher

K – 12 and University Educators: Programs are offered to educators and future educators. These programs provide free NASA materials, monthly STEM workshops, NASA online training opportunities, STEM conferences, as well as intern opportunities to future educators.

The NASA Regional Educator Resource Center (RERC) serves as a preview and distribution center for NASA produced educational materials which focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum. It offers K-12 and University educators teaching in Georgia easy access to STEM resources suitable for use in their classrooms.

Materials available comply with State and National standards (NGSS) and include:

  • Educator Guides
  • Lesson Plans
  • Hands-on activities
  • Colorful posters and lithographs
  • Activity books and pamphlets
  • NASA Fact Sheets and Educational Briefs

For more information call Clare Swinford at (478) 222-7547 or email cswinford@museumofaviation.org  or Patty Forehand at (478) 926-7313 or email at pforehand@museumofaviation.org.  You can also click on the sections below for more information or use our contact form.

Contact us to learn more:

  • STEM Kits, workshops, resources, additional information, etc.